Does your husband or wife constantly ask you to repeat things? Does he or she turn up the television to unbearable levels?

Man not hearing wellMost often it's not selective hearing and your husband or wife is not ignoring you - it's just that they can't hear you.

If your significant other needs the volume turned up high on the television or radio, or if they are asking people to repeat themselves again and again, they most likely have a significant degree of hearing loss.

The key is to catch the subtle clues early in order to prevent social isolation, friction in the family and even psychological distress such as depression or anxiety.

To help determine if your loved one has a hearing problem, make an appointment to see us for an affordable comprehensive hearing test.

A hearing impairment not only affects the individual person but also family and friends. Please get your significant other's hearing checked.

Our goal is to improve your quality of life
and daily enjoyment

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Man and woman piggybacking

At Southwest Hearing Clinic we listen to you and your hearing health needs, and provide you with the best, most up-to-date solutions, with professionalism, integrity and skill.

Our audiologists have served thousands of patients since we opened in 1997. Some of our patients come to us for a single hearing assessment appointment, while others come for more extensive hearing help.

Our Attention to Detail is of Paramount Importance

The importance of good hearing cannot be overstated. Good hearing is what helps make good relationships—the quality of our interactions with family, friends and colleagues. Good hearing allows us to feel more connected to the world and feel confident in social and work environments. Good hearing takes us from isolation to connection.

Woman playing the violinAt Southwest Hearing Clinic your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. We are serious about our patients' satisfaction and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and close follow-up for all our patients. We pay attention to you to make sure you are getting the most from our services and that our services contribute to your enjoyment of life.

Hearing technology is becoming more sophisticated, and is leading to satisfaction for more and more people. Today's hearing aids are radically different from those from years gone by. We select our hearing aids from various established quality hearing aid manufacturers.

Our audiologists are always looking for the best hearing solutions, choosing from amongst numerous available products the solution that works best for you and is most suitable for your needs. We are also constantly updating our knowledge and evaluating the numerous hearing aids on the market today so that we can provide you with the best possible solutions.

My experience with Peter Slobin and the Southwest Hearing Clinic was nothing but positive. Peter made me feel comfortable with acquiring two hearing aids, a new experience for me. He displayed several choices and told of their advantages and disadvantages, then let me make my own decision. There was follow-up at which time he fine-tuned my new "accessories". Any time I phoned the office, the staff member who answered was very helpful. All in all I am very satisfied!
Ann Sutherland, White Rock

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Does not apply to clients with third party coverage. Must be at least 60 yrs old to qualify.

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